XPPen 17th Anniversary Sale 2022

XPPen 17th Anniversary Sale 2022:  Best Drawing tablets Deals this Summer


You may be considering getting a tablet to help with digital art such as 2D illustrations, Photo editing, digital painting, 3D texture painting, 3D sculpting, or other common uses.

A drawing tablet is a tool that can translate the strokes from a pen-shaped stylus to a digital screen in an extremely accurate way. It's a good buy for any level digital artist who uses their computer as the locus of their workstation.

This technology is commonly used by artists, illustrators, animators, digital photo editors, architects and engineers, for example, to transplant their art and work onto a digital canvas.

Well, creating digital art with a drawing tablet is a given. It can be super-useful for creating eye-catching visuals. or just a wonderful hobby in and of itself.

If you're on a budget, you can Save big on select XPPen drawing pads this summer with their 17th Anniversary deals on the XP-Pen Star series, Deco series, Artist series, and more!

Graphic Tablet vs Pen display: Advantages and Disadvantages?

Pros for a screenless tablet, there's less cable management and it's cheaper. which is a great affordable option for a beginner to digital art.

But there is a learning curve to tablets without a display since you have to look at your monitor and not where you're drawing, but once you get used to it, it's pretty easy to use.

Pros for a screen display, it's definitely nice to be able to be able to draw directly on the screen. It is easier as it is the most like drawing on paper and you are able to look at your hand whilst drawing.

But They're more expensive; They break much more easily so you can't carry them around carelessly like you would do with a Wacom Intuos or XPPen Deco; Once you start drawing on a graphics tablet that has a screen you will never want to draw with another that doesn't.

Plug your drawing tablet into your computer using the plug-in cable and download the tablet driver from the Brand‘s official site. At this point, your tablet should be ready to start using.

Download and open a graphics application such as photoshop or illustrator that is compatible with your tablet. then just Start creating! There are also a lot of free digital art programs for you to use. which can helps you create stunning images.

Drawing tablets - are they worth it?

The digital pens comes with graphic tablet can be used as a mouse as well as a drawing tool. Even if you're not drawing, a tablet is a game changer. It's just so much easier to do certain things with a pen than it is with a mouse.

The big benefits are the pressure sensitivity. The drawing board on the market now usually offers about 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, which let them feels much more natural and responsive.

With a small amount of practice your fingers on a pen are likely far more dexterous than your arm and wrist manipulating a mouse; it takes some effort to learn, but it can become a more natural and precise motion when using a pen.

You can use this device for concept art , sketches, preparing compositions, preparing stencils, doodling. It will changed your career. It's a joy to draw, and your production and efficiency are through the roof.

You can use it on photos that need touching up (more than just slider/level adjustments). It's very beneficial if you're using tools that take advantage of the pressure sensitivity. Masks, brushes, dodge/burn, etc all become far more effecient when you don't have to muck about with brush sizes and whatnot.

If you've ever worked with a 3D software like Zbrush, Blender, Maya or 3D Max you know that you spend a lot of your time looking at the character model and moving its body parts around. Doing that with a pen feels so much more natural than a mouse, it's like touching the model with you hands. You get more precise with your tweaking and you move around incredibly faster.

A Drawing tablet and the stylus can significantly improved the work flow for note taking and productivity. with the note taking apps such as OneNote, Evernote... which support pen input function, you don't have to worry about losing/damaging the notes, and searching for specific topics / info is much quicker, you can re-edit and re-add anything and everything whenever you want.

It even have the ability to write in Microsoft edge browser. To do this, select the drawing tool in Microsoft Edge and you'll be able to write over any webpage.

About XP-Pen

Wacom is the industry standard. and they have the most experience brand wise and user experience. but the price is quite expensive and pricey.

Wacom has more competitors now than it has ever had in it's life and there are more coming every day.

If you're starting out, XP-Pen might be a more budget friendly way than Wacom to get into trying digital art using a drawing tablet, and the reviews one the Internet are much and seem quite good.

Founded in Japan, XPPen is a professional company that has been making graphics tablets since 2005 and they improve their products and closing the gap with Wacom products and in even exceeding in some areas while keeping them more affordable.

Their screen-less drawing pads includes Star series and Deco series offer great control that attaches to your computer via USB or Bluetooth.

The XPPen Artist series elevates this functionality with a truly beautiful screen display that syncs right in with your computer, to make a deeply integrated digital art workstation that especially for Windows and Mac users.

You will find non-screen xppen tablets for any size, including A4, A5, A6, A7. And the drawing monitors offers from 10" to 24". both types of tablets come with plenty of buttons and roller wheels to customize shortcuts, etc. it's amazing.

The XPPen's stylus uses the most advanced EMR technology. It creates an electromagnetic field that extends 10 millimeters up from the tablet/screen surface. This means the digital pen can works without batteries, it doesn't need to be charged. When the device is on, the pen is on.

To get you started, XPPen provides you with free creative software: Artrage 6, Toon Boom, Zoner Photo Studio X, ArtRage Lite, openCanvas, Cartoon Animator 4. Software bundles differ by model. you just need to register your product on xppen official site after purchase.

XPPen Anniversary Sales Event 2022

XPPen 17th Anniversary Sales Event 2022 has arrived! Don't miss out on this chance to save a lot of money and get some excellent discounts.

Whether you're back-to-school shopping or thinking about upgrading your graphic tablet and pen display monitors, the XPPen Anniversary Sale has everything from XPPen Star series, Deco Series to Artist series marked down now.

You can save up to 35% off on selected XPPen drawing tablets and Accessories during their 17th anniversary promotion. These XPPen drawing tablet deals are available from August 16 to September 16. nonetheless, I strongly advise taking advantage of them right now. the next special sale would be black friday and christmas.

See the list below for opportunities to save up to $270!

1. XPPen Artist Series

The XPPen Artist's display is magnificent. It's a low-gloss glass pane that's comfortable to draw on. The IPS panel has a rather remarkable color gamut. for example the 15,4" xppen artist pro 16 model is capable of displaying 99 percent of the Adobe RGB spectrum.

What this means is that Adobe RGB is well suited for CMYK printing for paper projects, and more accurately displays a band of cyan-inflected hues than the other color spaces.

The screen is also impressive for its resolution and brightness. even the cheapest 11,6" xppen artist 12 model has a 1920 x 1080 resolution, meaning it's really pixel rich (strong feature for a pixel manipulator).

The brightness of XPPen artist series is rated at 250 nits. That brightness and resolution paired with the glass ( come with an anti-glare screen protecter ) means that you can see everything on the screen clearly, even in direct sunlight.

Artist 10 (2nd Generation) (10,1", was $169.99, 10% off)

Artist 12 (11,6", was $199.99, 15% off)

Artist 12 (2nd Generation) (11,9", was $249.99, 20% off)

Artist 12 (2nd Gen) Gift edition (11,9", was $249.99, 20% off)

Artist 12 Pro (11,6", was $259.99, 20% off)

Artist 12 Pro LINE FRIENDS Edition (11,6", was $299.99, 20% off)

Artist 13 (2nd Generation) (13,3", was $299.99, 15% off)

Artist 13.3 Pro (13,3", was $279.99, 15% off)

Artist 13.3 Pro Holiday Edition (13,3", was $299.99, 20% off)

Innovator 16 (15,6", was $399.99, 25% off)

Artist 16 (2nd Generation) (15,4", was $399.99, 15% off)

Artist Pro 16 (15,4", was $449.99, 20% off)

Artist Pro 16TP (15,6", was $899.99, 25% off)

Artist 15.6 (15,6", was $299.99, 10% off)

Artist 15.6 Pro (15,6", was $369.99, 20% off)

Artist 22 (2nd Generation) (21,5", was $499.99, 20% off)

Artist 22E Pro (21,5", was $499.99, 15% off)

Artist 22R Pro (21,5", was $599.99, 25% off)

Artist 24 (23,8", was $799.99, 30% off)

Artist 24 Pro (23,8", was $899.99, 30% off)

2. XPPen Deco Series

The big difference between the regular Star series and Deco series range is mainly in the build quality of the tablet. the deco series tablet have a better stylus that come with a squishy rubber grip,which is extremely comfortable to use.

The high end xppen deco series tablet is beeter at simulating natural media. most of the deco tablets comes with ±60º of Tilt sensitivity, Allows you to quickly and professionally edit photos and create digital artwork using natural pen control.

If you do a lot of drawing and painting then the xppen deco is a worthwhile investment. It has better control and is a lot more durable.

Deco Mini 4 (4 x 3", was $29.99, 20% off)

Deco Fun XS (4,8 x 3", was $29.99, 20% off)

Deco Fun S (6,3 x 4", was $39.99, 20% off)

Deco Mini 7 (7 x 4,37", was $49.99, 20% off)

Deco Mini 7w Wireless (7 x 4,37", was $59.99, 10% off)

Deco MW Bluetooth (8 x 5", was $69.99, 10% off)

Deco Pro S (9 x 6", was $99.99, 20% off)

Deco Pro SW Bluetooth (9 x 6", was $129.99, 25% off)

Deco L (10 x 6", was $69.99, 10% off)

Deco LW Bluetooth (10 x 6", was $89.99, 10% off)

Deco 01 (10 x 6,25", was $54.99, 15% off)

Deco 01 V2 (10 x 6,25", was $59.99, 15% off)

Deco 01 V2 Line friends (10 x 6,25", was $59.99, 10% off)

Deco 02 (10 x 5,63", was $79.99, 15% off)

Deco 03 Wireless (10 x 5,62", was $99.99, 25% off)

Deco Fun L (10 x 6,27", was $49.99, 20% off)

Deco Pro M (11 x 6", was $129.99, 20% off)

Deco Pro MW Bluetooth (11 x 6", was $159.99, 25% off)

3. XPPen Star Series

If you are a photographer pen angle don't matter much but if you are drawing freehand you will need the pen angle in order to aim the airbrush tool. With no pen angle on the XPPen Star series (except the star g960s plus model) tablet the angle is forever fixed at "straight down".

Notably, the XPPen star series graphics tablets are relatively inexpensive at about $20 - 50 USD, and perfect for beginners. but it's backed with the assurance of the XPPen brand and features the most important specs such as the battery-free pen, 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, plenty of active area size options, hotkeys.....

The XPPen Star is a good pick for a starter graphics tablet if you're on a tight budget or just trying out digital art.

Star G430S (4 x 3", was $29.99, 35% off)

Star G640 (6 x 4", was $39.99, 25% off)

Star G640 Line Friends Edition (6 x 4", was $39.99, 25% off)

Star G640S (6,5 x 4", was $49.99, 20% off)

Star 05 Wireless (8 x 5", was $69.99, 10% off)

Star G960S (9 x 6", was $49.99, 20% off)

Star G960S Plus (9 x 6", was $59.99, 20% off)

Star 03 (10 x 6", was $59.99, 35% off)

Star 06 Wireless (10 x 6", was $85.99, 25% off)


If you live in the US or canada, you can buy from the XPPen US online official store: https://www.storexppen.com

If you live in other country or Region, just select your country or Region from the "choose country" menu then jump directly to the locial online store. The XPPen Anniversary Sales event is global,but the discounts will vary based on regions.

If you have drawing skills, there are also drawing contests to enter and win the award. the award include three display drawing tablets: XPPen Artist 10 (2nd Generation), Artist 12 (2nd Generation), Artist 16 (2nd Generation). it's great, isn't it?

At the same time, you can subscribe to the xppen social channels (youtube, tiktok, instagram, and twitter) for livestream, discounts and giveaways! more details you can visit this page: https://www.xp-pen.com/AnniversaryGuide

Having the right tool is important! Let's get ourselves a new drawing tablet and enjoy it. Maximum power for design work and digital drawing!